Making Better Patients

If you want to improve Healthcare, you don’t just need better medicine, a better doctor, a better hospital, a better health plan, a better device, better data, or a better mobile app. If you want to improve healthcare, you need to make a Better Patient.

Some of our Better Patients:


ALAN | Men’s Pregnancy App

Better Dads-to-be get involved. For Alan, we provide participatory tools and the right information, to help him participate in his wife’s pregnancy.

TINA | Diabetes Programs

Better Diabetics set goals and track their progress. For Tina, we provide timely educational information, gather her responses, and challenge her to reach her goals.

LYNN | Prenatal Care Program

Better Moms-to-be comply with their pregnancy regimen. For Lynn, based on her LMP date, we deliver the information she needs – tests required, recommended doctor visits, baby developmental info, and more, all at exactly the right time.

KEVIN | Adolescent Health Program

Better Adolescents communicate well with their doctors. For Kevin, we proactively send medication reminders, trigger vaccination alerts, send lab report notifications, and enable doctors to intervene if needed.

KIM | Flu Safety Program

Better Parents provide their health status to doctors. We enable doctors to learn how Kim and her child feel, keep track of their reactions each week, and facilitate an intervention if necessary.

MARTIN | Appointment Reminder Programs

Better Patients prepare for and show up to their scheduled appointments using our Appointment Reminder programs.

JOHN | Q&A Program

Better Patients ask questions they need to know and get answers from doctors using our Question & Answer platform.