Men's Pregnancy Program

The Men’s Pregnancy application, Duty Calls, was created to create a suite of tools designed to get the father-to-be engaged in the pregnancy. The suite of tools is as follows:

  • Countdown Clock – lets the user know how much time is left before the baby arrives
  • Support Meter – lets the user see how the mother is going to need more and more support as the pregnancy moves forward
  • Contraction Timer – allows the user to simply track the mother’s contractions duration and interval between contractions and write notes if necessary
  • Development Capture – allows the user to capture photos, video, and audio to store and share as a scrapbook of the pregnancy
  • Doctor’s Notes – a detailed note pad to help remember directions and store questions for the next visit.
  • Birth Announcement – creates a easy to send birth announcement to share when the baby arrives
  • Support Team – collect all your important doctors and medical professionals in one place
  • Checklist – if you complete one to do list before the baby gets here it should be this one
  • Binder – a searchable catalog of all the data captured in the app, photos, video, audio, contraction times, doctor’s notes.
  • Knowledge – information about the mother, the baby, glossary, and more