Messaging Programs

The Rip Road team has created SMS messaging programs since the inception of this technology. At AT&T, we wrote and executed the largest, interactive SMS program in the U.S. for American Idol. We helped set up the common Short Code industry for SMS messaging programs. And, over the past 6+ years, through hundreds of SMS programs, we have developed an expertise in what works and what does not work with messaging.

Today, we create SMS and MMS messaging programs. We create one-way push and interactive programs. We develop opt-in programs and viral campaigns. We build educational and informational programs. We design lead generation programs, promotional campaigns and long term CRM programs. We execute Premium Rate SMS programs. We deliver Content (video, music, images, games) via messaging. We develop location based programs. We also custom build messaging applications that reside within a client’s technology infrastructure and connect to our messaging gateway. We track, evaluate and adjust all these programs in real time.

We provide our clients with 2 ways to connect to the Carriers’ Gateways – either directly through a HTTP or SMPP Technical interface or, via our completely hosted Application Platform. Contact us to learn more.

We also support Push messaging – i.e., sending messages directly to native smartphone applications. To build engagement, our clients are able to send out customized push notifications on a set schedule – to their entire base of customers or target smaller groups.

Rip Road offers clients a complete suite of messaging services:
Consulting/Advisory Services

  • Mobile Strategy Development
  • Program Design

Wireless Carrier Relations

  • Short Code Acquisition
  • Short Code Provisioning
  • Program Message Development
  • Program Testing and Certification

Messaging Services

  • Carrier Grade messaging – connected to all U.S. Wireless Carriers
  • Advanced, 2-Way Interactive messaging
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Messaging Application Development
  • Direct Gateway connectivity
  • Hosted Platform connectivity
  • Premium SMS services
  • Subscriber and Mailing List management
  • Real time data tracking & reporting
  • User friendly APIs