Adolescent Health Program

The Adolescent Health Program is a comprehensive, interactive, and educational program for teens, engaging them with informal, personalized SMS messages and answering their questions efficiently and anonymously.

  • The Rip Road Health Question & Answer platform enables adolescents to text questions to a shortcode and quickly receive private, personalized answers from qualified health professionals. Incoming questions are analyzed and categorized by our platform, providing intelligent answer templates for doctors, allowing them to efficiently answer a large number of questions specific to their specialties.
  • Adolescents can subscribe to our Healthbytes service, which sends weekly health educational SMS messages. They can also choose to receive Healthbytes that are tailored to their choice of birth control. These messages provide a convenient, informal way for adolescents to become more comfortable engaging with their clinics.
  • Our program encourages adolescents to adhere to their medication regimens and show up for their appointments through SMS appointment, vaccination, and medication reminders. They also receive SMS notifications of lab results.

Rip Road’s understanding of how patients use mobile has enabled us to engage our patient population (adolescents) effectively. Since we began TextInTheCity, our patient participation has increased, and patients are more likely to take their medications and attend their appointments. Through text messaging we can remove barriers to health education and medical care allowing adolescents to feel more connected to their ‘health home’.”

Dr. Katie Malbon, MD, Mount Sinai Hospital