Our Intelligence Engine

Our platform translates complex medical knowledge and pervasive mobile technology into a personalized, intelligent patient experience, easily managed by doctors and clinics. The foundation of our platform is its intelligent interactivity engine that tracks each patient throughout the course of a program and selects appropriate message content that has been reviewed for medical credibility and HIPAA/carrier compliance, tailored to the patient’s stage of behavior change. The result: targeted, engaging messages that have a real impact on the patient, while generating a wealth of data for the provider.

platform diagram

Basic functionalities

Appointment reminders, medication reminders, and customizable lab notifications via SMS are seamlessly integrated into the platform’s web interface. These can be easily managed through a unified web portal for providers, who also have the option of subscribing patients to one or more intelligent messaging programs.

Patient management programs

Our Patient management programs cultivate deeper interactive relationships with patients, compiling data from patient responses, time variables, and external data sources like pedometer activity data. This data is then used to map each patient to different parts of each program, allowing the platform to send targeted messages appropriate to their stage of behavior change. As the patient progresses or regresses, the program is able to shift automatically and appropriately.

Integration – API and Custom development

Our platform is designed to work as a stand alone solution with the ability to integrate with existing systems. We offer APIs for connectivity to messaging gateways and patient interaction histories. Our API functionalities, like our platform itself, are constantly expanding to find new means for making Better Patients. Our experienced team of internal developers work with a client’s technology team to create custom integration with existing digital solutions.