Building a digital health company focused on data

We see a world where patients, on complex therapies, use digital solutions to take control of their conditions and live better lives.

Founded by SMS and mobile data pioneers from AT&T Wireless, the Rip Road team possesses a deep understanding of how consumers use their mobile device. Over the past 10 years we have turned this expertise into developing the industry's most engaging patient tracking platform.

We started in public health by building the very first SMS programs for the CDC and the Kaiser Family Foundation – KNOWIT and GYTNOW – that helped young adults get tested for HIV and STDs. We partnered with Partners Healthcare’s Center for Connected Health, Mass General Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC and others, to create Digital Health engagement solutions across a variety of disease states including diabetes, pregnancy, smoking cessation, Alzheimer’s screening, pain management, ADHD and more.

We developed SMS and Smartphone App tracking programs for Seattle King County and their award-winning Employee Health and Wellness program, for Partners Healthcare and their Text2Move diabetes program, for Blue Cross Blue Shield, and others.

We have evolved into a Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) company that helps patients track progress and get the most from their therapies. We have the evidence to prove this works. Today, we work with leading pharmaceutical teams and use PGHD in innovative ways.

We are technologists, designers, behavioral health experts, data scientists and patients. And, we are focused on making a difference.

In the news


We continue our partnership with Scripps Health through the launch of a TrackRR SMS implementation for Type 2 Diabetes patients. The program uses PGHD and motivational messages to help patients actively manage their blood glucose and provides COVID-19 educational content to keep patients informed about health guidelines and available resources while managing their Type 2 Diabetes.


We launched Diabetxt, a TrackRR SMS implementation designed to engage patients with uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), and provide them with evidence and insights on their conditions, so they can make behavioral changes to improve their Quality of Life. Diabetxt is now in pilot with NYU’s Physician Network for their diabetic patients.


We developed Aimovig’s Migraine Tracker for patients with chronic migraines to see the benefits of being on Aimovig therapy. We partnered with Amgen to create reports for patients to see improvements in their migraine frequency over time.

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