We help hematology patients get a complete picture of their condition

The Problem

Hemophilia and other rare bleeding and clotting disorders are complex, lifelong conditions that require comprehensive care, including a significant amount of self-management by the patient. Recent therapy advancements now allow patients to visit their providers less frequently, making it even more important for patients to have an easy-to-use tool to gather evidence, gain insights and share condition data with their providers.



Treatment Category


Our Solution

The TrackRR App has been customized to produce the ATHN Robust Health App to help hematology patients and their caregivers better understand and manage their conditions by facilitating bleed and treatment management. Using the app, patients record bleed and treatment details, set treatment reminders, track progress on their goals, and complete validated quality-of-life assessments (e.g., PROMIS-29) as scheduled by their clinic. Patient data is shared with providers and presented to patients in visualizations that allow them to gain meaningful insights from their reported data.

Each implementation can be configured to meet a brand’s requirements. Our key features for this hematology app include:

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