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The Problem

Uncontrolled type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a major health problem in the US that constitutes a significant cause of morbidity and mortality, particularly in vulnerable populations who continue to suffer disproportionately higher rates of complications.

NYU Langone Health wanted to study the incorporation of the patient’s perspective of their health and functional status into diabetes care, and evaluate this data to learn if it could improve behavioral and clinical outcomes.



Treatment Category

Type 2 Diabetes

Our Solution

We designed a year long SMS TrackRR implementation for the NYU clinical trial. Patients with uncontrolled T2D track and monitor several health behaviors such as Diet, Sleep, Physical Activity and others, by simply answering daily and weekly text questions. Using motivational messages based on study response data and participation levels in the study, patients are encouraged to stay engaged. Patients receive monthly journals with their self generated health behavior data. These dynamic data visualizations are coupled with personalized data-driven feedback and tips to help each patient stay activated. The journals are integrated into a patient’s EHR which enables them to share their data with their providers and helps promote more informed conversations.

This allows patients and their providers to understand, in real time, how this PGHD impacts a patient's ability to improve the self-management and clinical outcomes of the disease.



response rate



of patients rated the Diabetes TrackRR as very helpful for managing T2D

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